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Since leaving his hometown and family after a bout of violence, disgraced Kenny Orton has been desperate to rediscover a sense of purpose.


One hundred and eighty-two days ago, he got it.


After 'The Incident' changed the world forever, he found himself one of the few gifted with superhuman abilities.

Armed with newly developed Herculean strength and driven to redeem his shameful past, Kenny teams with another Incident Powered individual, Gray Matthews—the tightly wound, disappointment-of-a-son to a tech titan.


Together, they fight back against the burgeoning V-Threat activity within Five Star City, until the death of a fellow Ultra forces a shocking revelation...


As blood spills and a sinister project becomes uncovered, their bonds of brotherhood begin to fray as the lines between good and evil blur, replaced with a twisted obsession that ends in murder—one Kenny is expected to help cover up.

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While investigating a series of occult murders across Greater London, Steen, a disillusioned demon hunter, becomes entangled in a deadly game of deceit and demonic cunning.


Together with his angel-capuchin partner, Raphael, the two race to identify the malevolent entity behind the killings, desperate to banish him back to Hell before more chaos and bloodshed ensue.


Steen’s attempts to stop the demon’s violent ‘disasterpieces’ only draw the two closer together, their connection deepening in unforeseen and obsessive ways as Steen and Raphael do all they can to stop the creature’s grand demonic plans before London falls…

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I Must Scream
On Deaf Ears

A Lockdown Horror Short Story

Returning to an empty flat following his father’s wake, Seth Harper finds himself inexplicably drawn to the vacant flat opposite—a place supposedly unoccupied for years.


Days bleed together while Seth contends with loss, isolation, and the grind of lockdown as a series of unsettling occurrences continue to pull his attention towards the empty space in Hall House, eventually forcing him to question his very grip on reality.

Hands. Face. Haunted Space.

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A Temporary Parallel Story

Mitsuko Nakamura—known as Mimi to her fictitious friends and, more popularly, Neon to her enemies—struggles to find a balance between the chaotic elements that comprise her life.


Juggling a relationship with an overly jealous boyfriend, placating her mother's unrealistic expectations for her uncertain future, and trying to further understand her newly-developed abilities are just a fraction of what takes up Mimi's time as she attempts to survive the day-to-day. More often than not, literally.


Moonsault City's newest V-Threat, Overkill, has decided the best way to make a name for himself would be over her dead body—his performance being seemingly evaluated by a mysterious observer with more invested than just turning murdering teenagers into a spectator sport.

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Mercy is a feature-length horror movie set in the Wild West.


Developed from a concept by director Danny Eycott, Steve Russell wrote the movie for Pixelform Studios.

Please Note: The image is a poster mockup for the film.

First Date

First Date is an award-winning short movie written and directed by Steve Russell.


An offbeat, feel good, (b)romantic comedy, First Date showcases the trials and tribulations of falling into awkward, terrifying, wonderful love.

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